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Chiropractic Care

chiropractic adjusting tableA chiropractor is a natural health care provider who helps promote physical healing of the body without drugs or surgery. We work with the spinal column to keep the bones of the spine in proper alignment, allowing the spinal joints to move freely, and preventing or removing nerve interference that can cause pain or dysfunction. When these joints aren’t properly aligned, they can compress the nerves that travel through the spine. When the nerves are compressed, the results can be pain, immobility, lack of adequate blood flow and more.

Our Approach

At Clermont Injury and Rehab, we look at your whole body, not just the area where you’re experiencing symptoms. That’s because your entire body works together as a “whole” and it’s important to locate and address the underlying cause of the symptoms, so your body can heal itself and return to normal function.

Dr. Husbands has over twenty years’ experience helping patients injured in auto accidents, playing sports or doing activities at home or at work. Some of those activities include improper postures while sitting at your desk for prolonged periods of time, or in the case of a truck driver sitting behind the wheel for several days. She employs various adjusting techniques and will design a care plan specifically to address your unique injuries and goals for care. Some of our adjusting techniques include

  • Activator® Methods
  • Cox Flexion Distraction
  • Diversified
  • Pro Adjuster
  • Thompson Drop

Instrument-assisted adjustments, such as the Activator or Pro Adjuster, offer lower-force adjustments than traditional hands-on chiropractic. Some patients prefer manual adjustments, while others don’t like the twisting or popping associated with those techniques. We will create a care plan that meets your needs and preferences.

Our care plans also include rehabilitative exercises, which are an important component in your complete recovery. The types of exercises you’ll do will change as your healing progresses.

Cutting Edge Approach

Zyto technology is a powerful biocommunication hardware and software which can be used to discover and remove barriers to personal wellness. It provides accurate readings directly from the body using galvanic skin response readings which can be helpful to reach your wellness goals faster, by addressing your body’s top priorities. As a practitioner, Dr. Husbands uses this technology to ask better questions and optimize the patient’s wellness plans.

Spinal Decompression

Nonsurgical spinal Decompression Therapy can be an effective approach for those suffering from disc injuries such as disc herniations, degenerative disc disease, posterior Facet Syndrome, neck pain extending to the upper extremities, or sciatica with numbness, and tingling traveling to the lower extremities.

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